Discover the best configurable shelving and storage systems on the market dedicated to reducing the area dedicated to the storage of shops of all types and sizes.

As part of Conner Business systems, Engineered Shelving and Storage has developed over the past 25 years with a team of subject matter experts offering more than a combined 100 years of experience to assist you in creating the perfect storage solution, no matter the industry.

Since we offer practical high-density storage solutions that cover a wide variety of uses, the safety of your storage is in good hands. Whether for a correctional facility, courthouse or jail, we will make judicious use of your storage space to optimize management and facilitate controlled access to supplies, firearms, weapons, pistols and ammunition, personal belongings and equipment. Additional types of items that our storage solutions accommodate include protective gear and accessories, officer gear, uniforms, and more.

If storage space is an issue, learn about the benefits of our mobile storage systems composed of conventional racking and shelving installed on mobile bases. Convenient, secure, versatile and affordable, they will make the most out of your space. Aside from a minimum increase in storage capacity of 50%, all of our mobile storage products have safety features that will give you total peace of mind.

Who Benefits

  • Public safety services
  • Courthouse
  • Correctional center
  • Police

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility as plans, budgets and needs evolve.
  • Configurable storage with many intelligent options provide optimal solutions for all departments: bins and compartments, inner shelving, pull-out drawers and even built-in exterior benches.
  • We have a variety of products to match the range of your needs. For filing, our flexible and modular QuadraMobile system fits perfectly in any space and allows you to easily expand storage capacity by adding additional items. Or for gun storage, our rugged and secure Weapons Storage Multi-Flex cabinets are the way to go.

The challenges of storing evidence generally has to do with funding, space, and with environmental controlled conditions. To assist, we have the high-density static and mobile storage systems that will best outfit, organize and secure your evidence, making sure to capitalize on your available space. Mobile storage promotes a robust inventory, one that isn’t hampered by disorganization but retains the highest amount of products in the smallest space possible. Removing aisles takes half of what was once a storage area and transforms it into a sleek, optimized workstation. With additional mechanical or digital locking mechanisms, mobile crime lab storage can fulfill security expectations at every level.

Since there are various kinds of evidence, our shelving, racking, lockers, door and drawer cabinets and other storage systems adapt to evidence items of all shapes and sizes, from biological specimens to weapons, garments and furniture. Whether large or small, your forensic, legal and scientific evidence will be securely and properly stored according to their nature. Ideal for long-term or bulk evidence storage, use our compact high-density mobile storage systems which you can customize with various options such as lockable cabinets, remote monitoring or PIN control pads. From controlled-environments to warehouses, our flexible products are specially designed to accommodate your department’s needs, process, regulations and space. With our storage solutions protect, organize and preserve your evidence and maintain a solid evidentiary chain of custody.

Types of items our storage solutions can accommodate include DNA and biological evidence, packaged evidence, bulk evidence, short-term evidence, long-term evidence, refrigerated evidence and more.

Who Benefits

  • Climate controlled facilities
  • Refrigerated, cold and frozen evidence storage
  • Public safety services
  • FBI
  • Police
  • Law enforcement
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Off-site warehouse

Key Benefits

  • Securely store large, medium and small items with a modular system that can easily adjust and expand.
  • Protect and preserve with ergonomic access and maximum accessibility.
  • Possibility to store in a climate-controlled environment that breathes and works well with any ventilation system.
  • Diverse powder coat paint finishes for attractive storage.
  • Reduce the square footage taken up by storage areas and free up more space for main activities.
  • Specialized solutions tailored to your needs, combining convenience and security for the management and preservation of evidence, material and equipment, such as our Digital Evidence Locker equipped with a system of fingerprint access.

In you field, you cover many activities, each of which is equally vital in its way to maintaining law and order. The tasks that need be performed, and the materials needed to fulfill them, vary enormously. But one thing is for sure: you cannot make any compromises when it comes to secure storage. That’s why we’ve developed our fixed and mobile high-density shelving, filing and racking systems to provide you with an ideal combination of security, efficiency and convenience. Whether that means restricting access to critical documents, racking weapons, pistols, long guns and ammunition, or providing accessible management to equipment. Thanks to the versatility of our line-up, you can be sure there’s a product for all your public safety-related needs.

Types of items our storage solutions can accommodate include guns, firearms, rifles, handguns, shotguns and pistols, evidence, military documents, passenger manifests, admission and discharge documents and more.

Who Benefits

  • United States coast guard
  • Homeland security
  • Department of defense
  • Law enforcement
  • Transportation security administration
  • Citizenship and immigration services

Key Benefits

  • 100% increase in storage capacity with the same square footage.
  • Adjustability for future storage possibilities.
  • Optional safety features such as lockable doors and drawers.
  • Gain ergonomic access and maximum accessibility.

Our off-site depositories and archival shelving solutions offer you evolutive and safe shelving and racking options for all your books, records and other archives, whether financial, administrative, legal, or other. As you need somewhere to store and handle all these items and documents, we can ensure practical, intelligent storage with our remarkable range of high-density systems. Our compact storage solutions have been meticulously designed to take into account key issues for library, museum and office administrators: the need to protect and care for archives of various weights and sizes, the need of a secure and highly organized facility making archives easy to find and retrieve, the need to expand and adjust when needed, as well as the crucial need to lower administrative costs by saving on the square footage used. Our mobile shelving options allow items to be stored on shelves, racks and cabinets mounted on rails, eliminating wasted aisle space.

Types of items our storage solutions can accommodate include boxes, files and folders, archives, books, catalogs, dictionaries and encyclopedias, and manuscripts.

Let’s explore the storage options available to you and maximize every inch of your off-site storage warehouse or vault. We can plan, set up and service a custom-made and specially engineered archival storage system which will meet the needs and composition of your documents, of your requirements, as well as of your budget. With our storage solutions, you can plan for the future in all of the ways you envision.

Who Benefits

  • Retailers
  • Warehouses
  • Colleges, high scools, middle schools and universities
  • Offices
  • Distribution centers
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Government libraries
  • Administration and finance
  • Marketing
  • Research facilities
  • Museums

Key Benefits

  • 100% increase in storage capacity with the same square footage.
  • Adjustability for future storage possibilities.
  • Fast return on investment.
  • Minimize storage and space allocation as well as inventory process and costs.
  • Possibility of segmenting collections according to their contents.
  • Mobile and static storage solutions as well as drawers, racks and other hardware for flexible browsing.
  • Storage that promotes airflow and cleanliness.
  • Systems that can be installed on mobile carriages, to save on footprint, improve your workflow as well as your productivity.
  • Systems available with a wide range of configurations, sizes, capacities, components and accessories, which can be customized for individual requirements.

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