Times-2™ is a versatile, space-saving alternative to lateral cabinets, which can store everything from office supplies to personal items, clothing and more. It features true flexible storage not seen in lateral cabinets and has compartmentalized, locking storage.

The versatility of Times-2 is amazing, with accessories for every type of storage. We have shelves, drawers, dividers, retractable work surfaces, overlays and more. It comes in a variety of heights (10) and two widths. Our basic rollout drawer configures in eight different ways with eleven options — no other rotary cabinet on the market can do that!

Times-2 can be reconfigured at any time to adjust to your storage needs. Are you moving away from storing files to electronic document imaging? No problem. With Times-2 you can change it up quickly and easily to re-purpose that same cabinet space for something else.

Times-2 combines the advantages of both lateral and vertical cabinets into a unique rotating system that allows for greater versatility in space planning. A rotary storage solution gives you more storage capacity than lateral cabinets while taking up a fraction of the space and offers much more versatility than shelving units or vertical cabinets. Times-2 can store the equivalent of 3 lateral files’ worth of items in a single unit.

Times-2, the original rotary cabinet, is the best rotary storage system on the market. Although there are many imitators, none perform as smoothly and effortlessly as the original Times-2 patented design.

Design Aesthetic

Not only will they help you use your space more efficiently, our rotary cabinets look good in any application. They are a bold design choice with elegant faceted lines. Times-2 Elite has the same multimedia storage essentials as Times-2, but features special design elements for a luxurious aesthetic. Add canopy tops in beautiful Wood-Tek or rich granite for a look that blends with high end decor. Wrap end panels and doors in Wood-Tek or fabric overlays to match fine office furniture.


  • Better Safety Features
  • Superior Fit and Finish
  • Easier Assembly
  • More Security Options
  • Greater Number of Sizes
  • Tons of Accessories to Store Everything
  • Colors, Colors, Colors
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Departmental Storage
  • Reception Areas
  • Personal Storage
  • Private Offices
  • Collaborative Work Centers


  • Corporate Offices
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Libraries
  • Museums

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