Library Shelving

Aetnastak®, a solid reference for experts in the industry. Aetnastak® can address your current and future needs at the same time.

This cantilever shelving system offers a wide range of accessories and practical features. Sections can be reconfigured, lengthened, shortened, relocated, or joined to existing units easily and without adding any extra parts.

In addition to Aetnastak’s elegance, strength, rigidity, and safety features, the welded frame construction is designed to meet seismic requirements. Moreover, people appreciate the design details. The four-bend edges eliminate roughness while reinforcing the shelves. The closed uprights protect books and conceal electrical wiring safely and discreetly.

Whether fixed or installed on Montel mobile carriages, Aetnastak offers unlimited possibilities.

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SimplicityAetnastak Library Shelving by Montel