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Boasting heavy duty construction and a very unique design, the Airflow® Locker is in a class all its own.

The Airflow® Wardrobe Locker features spacious stationary compartments and optimal air flow to facilitate the drying and odor venting of clothing and footwear. The 24” wide double-door units allow for better management of gear, while the option base drawer allows for seating and the storage of bulky duty bags. It contains a separate space for body armor and a lockable compartment for valuables.


  • The Airflow® is the original wardrobe locker specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel nationwide.
  • 12 standard storage and organizational components configured on all units
  • Heaviest gauge wardrobe locker on the market using 14 and 16 gauge steel
  • Independent base drawer option
  • Strategically designed for unobstructed airflow throughout the entire locker opening

Available Options:

Airflow® Locker Standard Sizes

  • Widths: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″
  • Depths: 24″
  • Heights: 60″, 66″, 72″

Airflow® Locker Base Options

  • 4″ Closed Base
  • Flush Base Drawer
    • Available in 15″ & 18″ heights
  • Extended Base Drawer
    • Available in 15″ & 18″ heights
    • Available in 33″ & 36″ depths

Airflow® Locker Standard Components

  • Peg Board with Hooks: For hanging duty belt
  • Two Large Shelves:
    • Briefcase shelf: 4.9″H x 13.9″D x full width
    • Headgear shelf: 7.8″H x 20.7″D x full width
  • Large Hanging Section: Designed with separations to keep clothing apart for better airflow. Width varies with unit.
  • Double Hook: Attaches to lockable security compartment for additional hanging storage.
  • Lockable Security Compartment: Lockable compartment for added level of security. Perfect for your personal valuables and/or issued sidearm.
  • Mirror: Magnetic adjustable mirror
  • Document Holder: A large pocket mounted on the door provides storage for documents, notebooks or clipboard.
  • Lock Options: Combo, keyed, or hasp
  • Boot Tray: Removable 2 piece metal tray collects moisture and debris from footwear keeping your locker opening clean.
  • Side Panel Hooks: Single hooks on either side provide additional storage.

Airflow® Locker Optional Components

  • Base Drawer Unit
  • 4″ Closed Base
  • Slope Tops
  • Drying Rack
  • Vent Hood
  • Electrical

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