Electrical Powered High-Density Mobile Storage

Operate your Montel SafeAisle from your smartphone or PC. Configure SafeAisle from your PC with Montel’s ePulse.

Montel’s patented LED Guard technology provides a 100% passive safety system.  No human intervention is required to keep the carriages from moving if there is anything or anyone in the mobile aisles.

Montel’s Safe is available from 3’ to 95’ in carriage length and has a load rating of 1,000 lbs. per linear foot.  Add SmartShelf and you have the most intelligent system in the world.

Manufactured to add any type of cabinet or shelving to the mobile carriages for the most efficient storage solution possible.   Mobilize your existing shelving to safe money and floor space.

Add PIN code security to keep parts or all of the system locked down from unauthorized access and track access by authorized users.

Battery or rachet backup is available should the power go out and users still need access to the stored materials.

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Sam HutsonElectrical Powered High-Density Mobile Storage