High-Density Vertical Growing Systems

Over the years of designing storage applications for a broad range of markets including agriculture, Montel has developed a full line of high-density vertical growing systems that will address your grow operation priorities: save energy, optimize space, maximize vertical growing, maximize profits, and improve security. Our vertical growing solutions will provide for a more organized facility that will increase workflow, production, and profits.

Hydroponic or Soil Growing Solutions Custom-Built For Your Industry

  • Growers (greenhouses)
  • Agriculture research institutes and laboratories (Ag Tech)
  • Medical cannabis (where legalized)
  • Recreational cannabis (where legalized)
  • Universaties- Departments of Plants Science

Mobilize It! Generate Profits From Your Square Footage

Eliminate the need for multiple space-wasting static aisles and use the total potential of your vertical and horizontal space with GREENRAK™ high-density growing solutions.

Montel Multi-Functional High-Density Cultivation Solutions

Discover new square footage you didn’t know you had and reap the benefits in terms of better service and more sales with Montel’s configurable, space-saving solutions. We’re the one-stop shop for all your agricultural growing needs.

High-Density Shelving and Racking

  • SmartShelf® 4-Post Hybrid Shelving- Make your shelving a perfect fit for a broad array of items with Montel’s one-shelf-fits-all four-post patented hybrid system (Patent # 6,814,245). Adjust shelves at every one inch without any tools.
  • 4D Wide Spread Racking- Improve heavy-duty storage of irregular agriculture items with Montel’s long-span,racking system.

Mobile Vertical Growing Systems

  • SmartSpace 2M, 2MA & 2P- Manual, mechanical-assist, powered mobile system
  • MobileX®- Mechanical-assist mobile system (1,000 lb per linear foot)
  • SafeAisle®- Powered mobile system (1,000 lb per linear foot)
  • Rack&Roll 16MA & 16P- Mechanical-assist, powered mobile system (16,000 lb per double bay)

Grow More in Less Space with SmartShelf® Boltless Shelving

Shelving System with Hooks: Easy to Reconfigure & No Tools Required

The SmartShelf® exclusive hook shelf support system provides the quickest and greatest ease of assembly, disassembly, and reassembly. No tools, hammers or mallets needed to install, remove, or reconfigure shelves as necessary with industry typical shelf support systems. The shelves can be conveniently put in or taken out without adjusting, tilting, or removing the shelves above or below since the box-formed posts do not impede the front of the shelf. The slide-in & slide-out capability truly reduces the time and effort to reconfigure the shelves, as there is no handling of the various shelf components. Additionally stored objects are protected from disruption on the adjacent shelves below.

The Concept: Optimize Your Growing Space

Montel high-density growing systems maximize the use of available space; whether it’s to increase growing capacity, free up room for grow operations, or to get rid of space you do not need to pay for.

Eliminate the need for multiple space-wasting static aisles. Heres how:

  1. Static units are mounted on mobile carriages.
  2. Mobile carriages travel on tracks.
  3. Use the handle to move the manual systems or turn the 3-spoke SafeCrank handle for mechanical-assist systems or push a button on the powered system control to open the desired aisle.

Modes of Operation:

  • Manual mobile systems handle.
  • 3-spoke ergonomically designed rotating SafeCrank handle with soft-touch knobs for mechanical-assist mobile systems. Aisle safety push-button located at the core of the 3-spoke SafeCrank handle.
  • Powered mobile systems control.
  • Powered mobile systems control with PIN for restricted access.
  • LCD touchscreen tablet control with or without PIN. Limitless customized displays.
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