Manual & Mechanical High-Density Mobile Shelving

The storage possibilities are endless: tires, plants, evidence, archives and office supplies, specimens and artifacts, sporting equipment, medical supplies, tools and parts and much, much more.

Montel’s MobileX manual and mechanical assist mobile carriages have a load rating of 1,000 lbs. per linear foot.  Add SmartShelf and you have the most intelligent system in the world.

These space-saving, 5” profile mobile carriages have multiple track options to accommodate any environment or application. Install the tracks in concrete or on top of any existing floor.

Push button safety lock handles are standard on all mechanical assist carriages.  Seismic anti-tip track and other available safety features insure the safest system possible.

Carriages are manufactured to accommodate most  any type of new or existing shelving.  Save money with our used shelving (based on availability).

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SimplicityManual & Mechanical High-Density Mobile Shelving