LIFESTOR® adjustable polymer shelving system complies with NSF standards for all conditions.

All materials are suitable for use ranging from display to low-temperature freezer rooms—an adaptability to any storage area that surpasses existing competitive products.

Polymer Shelving with Antimicrobial Protection

MICROGARD® is an antimicrobial agent which contains built-in protection to retard the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew on shelf surface that causes stains, odors and degradation. Now standard on all LIFESTOR® shelving.


  • Hospitality and Food Service: Fresh Food and Cold Storage, Dishwashing, Food Preparation
  • Technology: Clean Rooms, Electronics Storage & Display
  • Industry: Electrochemistry, Electronic Laboratories, Food Laboratories, Organic Chemistry
  • Retail and General Storage: Food Storage, Supermarkets, Logistic Centers, Exhibitions
  • Material Handling: Parts/Tool Storage, Storage & Handling
  • Healthcare: Operating Rooms, Sterile Storage,
    Chemical & Biological Labs

The Flexibility of Polymer Shelving

LIFESTOR® components allow a wide variety of layouts to fit available space and to meet each customer’s individual storage needs. Also, this versatile system allows for the easy addition, removal or adjustment of intermediate shelves without disassembling the unit, unlike competitive shelving. Shelving is available in two widths: 18″ and 23″; and in five lengths: 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″ and 60″. Available in Single/Starter Sections, Add-On Sections, Continuous Sections, T-Shaped Sections and L-Shaped Sections.


Standard components include Posts, Split Sleeves & Lugs, Rails, Side Braces, and Shelf Sections. To connect Add-On Units for “L” or “T” configuration, Add-On Kits (consisting of “U” connectors and notched shelf sections) are required. Posts and rails are offered in epoxy-coated EagleBrite® zinc or type 304 stainless steel finish. All other components are made of injection-molded, high-strength polymer.


  • Tote Slide System
  • Casters and Caster Posts
  • Ledges and Dividers
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Tray Drying Racks
  • Wall Brackets

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